Member Activities

If variety is the spice of life, get your palate ready.

We fill our calendar with events to stretch your mind, pull your heartstrings and get your adrenaline going. From amazing industry speakers to world-class performers and the best seats to your favorite team’s game, the Harvard Club hosts a range of enviable events for every kind of interest.


We’re truly a family at the Harvard Club and arrange activities for all kinds of occasions. You may find yourself rubbing elbows with world renowned Harvard faculty or seated around our fireside tables for a warm winter meal. On any given day, you might learn to pour signature cocktails at our Mixology event or enjoy a barbecue with other Harvard Club of Boston families. If you’re lucky, get a coveted seat at one of New England’s most passionate sporting events. No matter whom you cheer for, nothing trumps our Harvard Club spirit.

Family Gatherings

We’re a well-rounded group at The Harvard Club and many of our members are also moms and dads. That’s why we offer many events that the whole family can enjoy. Take your children to fun events like Disney on Ice or the Big Apple Circus with other Harvard Club of Boston families. Enjoy our annual Holiday Party or Mother’s Day Brunch. And set up regular playdates through our Kids Group where you’ll get to share parent-child fitness classes, educational lectures, cooking classes, movies, and a whole lot more. With so many options for the kids, you might even sneak in a mom’s or dad’s night out…

Lifelong Learning

We know that for our members, intellectual curiosity is lifelong. That’s why we continue to offer learning opportunities from today’s most prominent thinkers. Meet engaging, award-winning writers at our Author Series or stretch your brain at one of our Faculty Lecture Series events. From world-renowned Harvard professors, like innovator Clayton M. Christensen, to famed novelists, like Salman Rushdie, and intriguing personalities like Tom Brokaw, we connect you with the brightest minds of our day. Come to learn, get inspired and mingle with members who share your enthusiasm for academic rigor.

Culinary Events

What’s a social gathering without food? And not to mention, wine and spirits. Our culinary events are designed to lure adventurous eaters. Taste a variety of world cuisines in one of our themed destination festivities. Enjoy Wine Dinners where you’ll sip varietals carefully selected by our expert staff and paired with foods that bring out their flavors. Let our global dining events transport your taste buds from one end of the world to the other. And for those who like to explore tastes of the liquid variety, discover a rare scotch, sipping tequila or microbrew at our special member tastings. Or get spontaneous and drop in at a Clubhouse Pop up Night to meet and greet over chef’s choice dishes and cocktails.