Let’s connect.

Our mission at the Harvard Club is to be the social, intellectual, and athletic hub of Harvard alumni and our affiliated community in the Greater Boston area. Our Club serves as the catalyst that brings members of the Harvard community together to connect, learn, grow, and have fun. And even if you do not know anyone at the Club, our New Member Program helps introduce you to other members, make connections, and feel included.

We bring together a circle of men, women, and families to share all kinds of unique and engaging experiences. We are students, alumni, business professionals, and a strong group of member-university faculty and staff that create a diverse, yet like-minded atmosphere. With memberships held by professors and Harvard Athletic Head Coaches, the Club is an extension of Harvard's Cambridge campus right here in your private Boston clubhouse.

Our reach extends far beyond the clubhouse walls, with interactive digital opportunities so that you can connect and network with members from around the globe. We offer immersive events both inside and outside the clubhouse, supplementing our in-person meet-ups with virtual experiences that can be enjoyed no matter where you call home.

We also connect Club members through our weekly Chronicle and monthly Bulletin. These digital newsletters keep you up-to-date on what is happening at the Club, from cocktail events and guest speakers to athletics events and member profiles.

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Social, intellectual, athletic, culinary, you name it—there is an event for every kind of interest. Meet friends to feed your passion, pick up a hobby or learn something new. The best part? Enjoy the kind of company you will keep long after your activity.

Meet your next business partner at a Club BBQ. Find a new client after a speaker’s lecture. Rub elbows with a mix of university faculty—past, present and maybe even future. Spending time in surroundings that foster connections can lead to all sorts of interesting opportunities in and around our Clubhouse.

We are proud of our history at the Harvard Club and enthusiastic about our diverse and thriving community. We are young students, experienced alumni, established business leaders, singles, couples and families alike. We are the sum of our members and happily call each one a friend.