Dress Code

Business professional and business casual clothing is always the preferred attire for members and guests at the Club. Please note the following exceptions are allowed and for the comfort of all.  These exceptions respect the traditions of the Club along with making relevant allowances that are acceptable for current styles of dress. Please also note that members are responsible for their guest’s adherence to the dress code in dining venues and at functions.

• Torn, frayed or excessively worn attire is not appropriate in the Club.

• Athletic attire is only acceptable in the ClubPub and in the athletic area of the Back Bay Clubhouse.

• During July and August, Bermuda shorts with a collared shirt are only acceptable in casual dining areas of the Back Bay Clubhouse (ClubPub and Veritas Lounge).

• Athletic footwear is not appropriate attire for the Veritas Dining Room after 5:00 PM.

• Gentlemen’s hats and caps should be removed within the Club at all times.  Ladies baseball/golf caps are not appropriate attire for the Veritas Dining Room.

• Appropriate denim slacks are acceptable at the Club.

• Collared shirts are the preferred attire in the Club.  T-shirts are only permitted in the ClubPub at the Back Bay Clubhouse.  T-shirts with offensive statements or art work are not acceptable.

• From time to time, specific attire may be required for designated Club events.

• Management has final discretion with regard to the appropriateness of attire within the Clubhouse.